It's been well over a year now since we at Patchouli Garden dove into the CBD/HEMP world. We are proud of the fact that we were the very first retailer in our community (Price County Wi) to offer CBD products. Now that our community and the country is saturated in the CBD market, we wanted to write this blog for educational purposes. We want those that are interested to know exactly what they should be looking for in a product and to understand some of the basic lingo when it comes to Industrial Hemp products. With-in this last year we have heard many stories, listened to hours of podcasts, read 100's of articles, and have talked to many suppliers in the industry. We have taken initiative to know what we are selling and try to offer the best products. So lets dive in!

BASIC 101:
What is CBD?
CBD is a short acronym for cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a molecule found in hemp and marijuana plants that is medically beneficial to humans. The reason why it can benefit us is …

Essential Oils- How to Help Ward Off Cold and Flu Bugs.

Tis the season for cold, coughs, and tickled throats. Luckily though, did you know that essential oils are a great way to help defend against these little annoyances? Here at Patchouli Garden, we offer NOW Foods essential oils. I'm sure many have heard of the brand "Now Foods". It is one of the largest wholesale companies in the USA to offer pure, Non-GMO, supplements, foods, body products, and oils. The prices are also much more affordable compared to other competitors when it comes to essential oils. Check out the blog: modernalternativemomma, Kate has some great info with NOW foods and it's comparison's to DoTerra and Young Living. She explain's the reason why NOW Food essential oils are lower priced and how they even compare on purity and benefits. Here is one of her price diagrams:

       So with all that information, let me show you some of our favorites for the cough and cold season. The easiest available recommendation is their all ready to go "…

Our CBD oils: Answers to the most common questions we get asked.

With the rise of information and the new legality of it, CBD oil is more popular then ever! Every week, we have more and more people coming into our shop with questions and general interest. As an employee here, it is so satisfactory to see and hear the success stories that our customers are having with our CBD products.
I heard a story of an individual who was suffering from edema and hadn't been able to wear her wedding ring for years and after a few weeks using the 100mg Turmeric CBD oil, she finally can wear her ring again!
I heard a man tell me of his many years of not being able to sleep a full night, he finally can after he takes his 500mg Platinum CBD oil before bedtime.
Another story of a woman suffering from arthritis pain, finally having daily relief after she uses the Cannabis Heat Rub Cream.
All these stories and more, inspired me to write this blog post. Many out there, are still unfamiliar with CBD oil and all of it's benefits. So I thought I'd share with y…

Our 2018 Fall Season Picks!

Here in Wisconsin, the temperature is starting to drop, the leaves are beginning to change and the days are becoming shorter. It's definitely getting us into that Autumn mood. So for this blog post, we thought we could share with you our collective favorites for the 2018 Fall Season!

First up for our bath & body products, we have to choose our favorite brand new fragrance: Warm Patchouli Spice! This fragrance is so warm and yummy! We carry this in lotion, shower gel, body spray, and perfume roll-on!

With the temperatures dropping and the damp days accumulating, we thought our next pick would be great to help you ward off any viruses and illnesses that come with the change of weather! So we picked, two NOW essential oils: Nature's Shield and Clear the Air.

Nature's Shield consists of clove bud oil, organic lemon oil, cinnamon bark oil, eucalyptus oil, and organic rosemary. It's an uplifting and energizing aroma that freshens and cleanses the air.
Clear the Air consist…

Just Layer It!

As many of you know, at Patchouli Garden, we offer over 35 scent options in perfume roll-ons and over 25 scent options in body sprays! Wow! :) However, we still get inquiries from customers on how they can create their own signature scents, or how they can make a certain fragrance in our perfume blends more dominant.
We have an easy solution to that... Layer it!

We offer many blends of Patchouli like Patchouli Clove, Patchouli Lavender, and Patchouli Sandalwood. We try to offer a good balance of each fragrance in our blends, but for those who like to have one scent a little more dominant then the others, the easiest solution is to layer that specific fragrance with our already made perfume blends.

For our Patchouli lovers who like a strong patchouli scent with their blends, use our Patchouli roll-on or body spray first as a base scent, then layer your favorite blend by spraying it or rolling it on top.
Good example of that is: our new scent Warm Patchouli Spice, has more of a subtle …


There is an old saying that says, "Keep those with integrity and good values close to you, hold on to them, never let them go!"
There is also though, another saying that says, "Do not hinder others from their success, just to satisfy your own selfish needs."
Those are two hard lessons we have had to face here at Patchouli Garden this last week.
We've had to say goodbye to one of own, Jackie.

Jackie and her husband has had an amazing opportunity fall into their lap. This new opportunity is definitely a blessing for them and their future. The only catch is it takes them far away from us! So it is with bittersweet feelings that we have to say Goodbye!

Jackie has been a staple to the company since she was in high school! Her personal touches are evident in almost all aspects of Patchouli Garden. She was one of the first smiling faces you saw when you came through that door. She was also the one who took most of the orders via telephone. If you are reading this and…

Why is there still a social/moral stigma about CBD oil?

First of all, What is CBD oil? What is all the hype about?

CBD oil otherwise known as Cannabidiol oil is naturally found in hemp plants. It is the molecular property of the plant that has many health and wellness capabilities. It promotes medical benefits without any of the psychoactive or "buzz" effects many other drugs produce.  The benefits can range from: Anxiety and Stress relief Benefits Sleep Longevity Can Soothe Tremors and Improve Fine Motor Skills Helps Control Epileptic Seizures Treats PTSD Eases Aches and Pain Can Help Reduce Acne Can Benefit Rheumatoid arthritis Reduces Inflamation ETC. The list can go on.
So what is the fuss about?
Let's talk legally.  In 2018 the DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) released this statement:  "Products and materials that are made from the cannabis plant and which fall outside the CSA definition of marijuana are not controlled under the CSA. Such products may accordingly be sold and otherwise distributed throughout the United States without r…