Friday, May 18, 2018

Regarding Recent Rumors....

We would like to take a moment to dispel some recent rumors that have come to our attention in regards to our sale of CBD products. In the past 24 hours, multiple people have mentioned to us how they heard Patchouli Garden was “busted” for the illegal sale of CBD, or cannabidiol — a naturally occurring compound extracted from industrial hemp.
While these rumors are untrue, we did pull the products from our shelves following an April 27 statement from the Wisconsin Department of Justice (DOJ) stating that CBD oil and other CBD products were illegal to possess or distribute in our state. While this came as a disappointment to many customers who lauded CBD’s effectiveness in alleviating their inflammation, pain, anxiety, and other ailments, we informed them of the DOJ’s warning and our legal obligation to discontinue the sale of CBD.
On May 10, Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel clarified the DOJ’s position, advising law enforcement “not to take enforcement action against products made from industrial hemp that is grown under a lawful hemp research pilot program, including CBD, until Congress considers changes to the law, enabling the Wisconsin State Legislature to further clarify the status of these products.” Schimel expressed the DOJ’s commitment to ensuring that CBD sold at retail outlets is safe for those who use it, citing cases where products claiming to be CBD were either mislabeled or manufactured improperly, posing a health threat to consumers. (Read the full statement at…/fi…/news-media/5.10.18_CBD.pdf)
To ensure your health and safety — and to confirm our adherence to the law — we went about obtaining a Certificate of Analysis for our CBD oil in order to verify its content. The results, furnished by the Massachusetts-based ProVerde Laboratories, were then forwarded to the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP).
While DATCP does not confirm or deny specific products, they indicated that our CBD oil, manufactured by Georgia-based company Regalabs, met Wisconsin’s standard, which requires a THC content of less than 0.3%.
With this in mind, Patchouli Garden will once again sell CBD products beginning Tuesday, May 22. We apologize for the temporary inconvenience to all of those helped by these wonderful products, but we at Patchouli Garden remain committed to lawfully protecting the health and safety of all of our customers. The rumor mill is an unfortunate reality that comes with any small town, but for those finding themselves swept up, we respectfully ask that you seek out the facts before subscribing to sensationalism.
Lynda Dayton, President

Sunday, May 15, 2016

The Three Best Soaps for Earthy Women (and Men!)

As a person who loves nature, you are constantly looking for ways to ground yourself and attune your spirit with the earth. Aromatherapy is one of the most effective ways to do that. Surrounding yourself with earthy scents makes you feel peaceful. Most people use incense to achieve this effect, but you can turn your shower into a meditative experience with these handmade soaps.
Patchouli Soap
Patchouli oil is very commonly used in aromatherapy for grounding the spirit, relaxing the body, and lifting the mood. Patchouli soap is a wonderful way to indulge in aromatherapy while you cleanse. If you shower at night, the delightfully warm patchouli fragrance will help you relax so you can fall asleep easier.
Egyptian Musk Soap
Egyptian Musk is a soft, exotic scent that is perfect for a nice, relaxing shower. In aromatherapy, Egyptian musk oil is used to balance and calm the emotions. It is known for improving physical and mental well-being. After a long day at work, taking a shower or bath with Egyptian musk soap could be just what you need to wash away the anxiety and stress of your day.
Nag Champa Soap

Nag Champa is arguably the most popular fragrance for incense. The scent of Nag Champa can create a sacred space and enhance your meditation experience. The incense is often used for prayer and purification. Many people use their shower time to reflect on their day, which can help them gain new insight into their lives. Using Nag Champa soap in your shower is a great way to enhance your daily reflections and help you wash away any negative energy from your day. 

Sunday, May 1, 2016

3 Great Gift Ideas for Patchouli Lovers

Do you have a friend or loved one who loves the earthy, exotic scent of patchouli? Perfume is great for patchouli lovers, but they probably get patchouli perfume as a gift all the time. True patchouli lovers will want this amazing scent in all of its forms.  Here are three creative gifts with the patchouli fragrance that they love.
Patchouli Candles
Candles are a classic gift, but it isn’t often that someone is gifted with a patchouli-scented one! A gift of a patchouli candle will fill their home with this amazingly relaxing fragrance. A patchouli scented candle is especially perfect for the patchouli lover in your life who loves taking bubble baths. They can light this candle on the edge of the tub and enjoy the warm scent of patchouli while they bathe.
Patchouli Incense Sticks
Incense is the perfect gift for that special someone who loves to meditate. Patchouli is used for grounding the spirit and lifting the mood in aromatherapy, so patchouli incense sticks are perfect for achieving that Zen feeling. Maybe they will meditate on how much they love you for getting them this gift!
Gift Sets
If you want to give that special patchouli lover a little bit of everything, try a gift set like the ones at They come with body lotion, shower gel, body spray, roll-on perfume, and a candle! For the patchouli lover that wants this lovely scent everywhere they go, you really cannot go wrong with a gift set. 

Whether it’s for the holidays, a birthday, or other special occasion, patchouli fragrance in all of its forms makes the perfect gift! 

Friday, April 15, 2016

Top Three Personal Care Items for Patchouli Lovers

Patchouli makes a wonderful perfume for anyone who likes an earthy, sweet, smoky scent. The aroma is relaxing and warm, and makes one think of summer and spending time outdoors around a campfire. If you’re like us, you want to be surrounded by the scent of patchouli 24/7! Here are the best personal care products for patchouli lovers.
The smell of patchouli oil is very strong and very long-lasting. When diluted with scents like mandarin orange or bergamot it makes a super long-wearing deodorant that will completely eliminate or mask body odor. It also smells amazing!
Did you know that patchouli essential oil has regenerative properties for your skin? It stimulates the production of new cells and also increases oxygenation and circulation which keeps your skin looking healthy and vibrant. It can also have a toning and tightening effect on sagging skin. And it makes a great moisturizer, so putting patchouli in a lotion is pretty much the best idea we’ve ever heard of. 
Showers and patchouli are both relaxing experiences, so patchouli shampoo is a no brainer! Patchouli’s moisturizing qualities are great for your scalp, and the scent will boost your mood and relieve tension. When combined with a citrus scent like oranges or grapefruit you get a bright, sweet scent that will wake you up in the morning and leave you feeling fresh and energetic. Follow up with a patchouli conditioner and you’ll have gorgeous silky hair that smells like your favorite perfume!

No matter what form patchouli is in, it makes you smell and feel awesome!

Friday, April 1, 2016

Health Benefits of Patchouli Essential Oils

Many people love using patchouli as a perfume because of it’s sweet, earthy scent, but did you know that patchouli essential oils can be beneficial to your health as well? Like most essential oils, patchouli has a range of different uses that benefit your mind and body.
Patchouli oil is commonly used in aromatherapy because it has the power to improve your mood. It reacts with hormones in your body to relieve tension and stimulate the release of serotonin and dopamine, which are connected to the pleasure centers of your brain. It also does wonders for relieving anxiety. Wear a small amount of patchouli oil on your wrists and smell it throughout the day for a quick mood boost.
Patchouli oil can prevent wounds from infection and reduce your risk of tetanus. It can also help cuts and scrapes heal faster and fade the appearance of scars and acne marks.
Reduces Inflammation
This wonderful oil can also reduce inflammation due to fever and treat the fever itself by reducing your body temperature. This could be why it’s such a popular perfume to wear during the summer months!
Patchouli can keep nasty bugs like mosquitos away from you, which makes it a much better smelling alternative to bug spray. Burning patchouli incense or oil can also help keep bugs away from an entire area if you don’t want to put the oil on your skin.
If you like wearing patchouli perfume, you’ll be delighted by all of the other uses for this earthy and sweet smelling essential oil. Patchouli oil is also one of the only essential oils that be safely applied undiluted to your skin! 
Disclaimer: Patchouli essential oil has not been evaluated by the FDA and is not approved to treat or cure any disease or condition. Talk to your doctor before using patchouli essential oil for any of the above uses. Stop using patchouli oil and consult your doctor if you experience an allergic reaction to the oil.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Do You Miss the Nag Champa Incense? 3 Other Forms of Nag Champa

Incense can have a positive effect on one’s mood. The vibrant scents of Nag Champa, a fragrance originally developed in India, has been especially popular among incense lovers for years. However, if you once burned incense but can’t anymore — perhaps due to restrictions at your new rental or living with a loved one who has allergies — you don’t have to put the relaxation and refreshment you experienced with Nag Champa behind you. Enjoy the bold scent in other forms.
Perfume or Body Spray
Nag Champa perfume and body spray enriches you and allows you to take that bold scent with you wherever you go. Whether putting on perfume for a night out on the town or freshening with body spray for a day at work or running errands, you’ll feel more confident because you’ll love the scent. Perfume is more concentrated than body spray, but body spray is more appropriate for everyday wear.
Freshen up with Nag Champa soap during a luxurious soak in a bath, a quick, freshening morning or post-workout shower, or when washing your hands throughout the day. The scent permeates the air as you wash and lingers just enough to keep you relaxed after you walk away.
Whereas incense gives off a lot of smoke, candles allow you to breathe that invigorating scent with little to no smoke at all. Use one at a table for a romantic candlelight dinner or on the counter to freshen a room after you clean it. Take a bath with candles throughout the room and let yourself unwind.

Order your selection of Nag Champa products online today. If you need assistance in selecting any Nag Champa items, contact Patchouli Garden. Even the incense may not be beyond your reach. Consider burning it outside on a warm summer day.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Love is in the air at Patchouli Garden..

Happy Thursday Patchouli Lovers!

Looking for something unique to set the mood this Valentine's day?  We've got it!

The 'Love at First Scent' Romantic Essential Oils Kit is the perfect mix of quality essential oils you'll need this Valentine's Day.

This kit includes some of natures most romantic essences: Cinnamon Cassia, Rose Absolute, Bergamot and the dreamy, 'Naturally Loveable' blend (Lemon, Orange, Sandalwood, Jasmine Absolute & Ylang Ylang essential oils).
Diffuse them into the air or make your own massage or bath oils.  The possibilities are endless!

SALE PRICE: $18.39 (Reg. $22.99)
While Supplies Last!