There is an old saying that says, "Keep those with integrity and good values close to you, hold on to them, never let them go!"
There is also though, another saying that says, "Do not hinder others from their success, just to satisfy your own selfish needs."
Those are two hard lessons we have had to face here at Patchouli Garden this last week.
We've had to say goodbye to one of own, Jackie.

Jackie and her husband has had an amazing opportunity fall into their lap. This new opportunity is definitely a blessing for them and their future. The only catch is it takes them far away from us! So it is with bittersweet feelings that we have to say Goodbye!

Jackie has been a staple to the company since she was in high school! Her personal touches are evident in almost all aspects of Patchouli Garden. She was one of the first smiling faces you saw when you came through that door. She was also the one who took most of the orders via telephone. If you are reading this and are a regular customer, you most likely have had some kind of contact with Jackie over the years. She created many of the label designs. She also created many of the scents, candles, and soaps. Every newsletter you receive is made by Jackie. So when we say she is a staple in this company, we aren't exaggerating! Luckily, Jackie will be able to stay on remotely and will be able to work with us from a far. Especially with the newsletters and email responses, but not seeing her face everyday will be difficult.

It was hard this week, knowing we only had a couple days left with her. There were so many emotions. There were tears of sorrow, joy and laughter from memories, real wishes of hope for their bright futures, fear for the new changes, and great respect for someone who's heart and integrity are something to be admired.
Seeing, the owner Lynda's face as she said goodbye was hard. There is so much respect and history between them, and a true love like family. You could also see how proud Lynda and every employee here is and it just goes to show you how much more this company is then what we do. We are a family here.

Jackie, we will miss you. You have all of our wishes, hopes and prayers. Your creativity and positive energy has so much to offer in this world. We are excited for you and your future. We are so proud and honored to have been apart of your life here. God's many blessing to you and Jason!
We love you!
Lynda, Linda, Patti, Tara , and Faith!


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