Essential Oils- How to Help Ward Off Cold and Flu Bugs.

Tis the season for cold, coughs, and tickled throats. Luckily though, did you know that essential oils are a great way to help defend against these little annoyances? Here at Patchouli Garden, we offer NOW Foods essential oils. I'm sure many have heard of the brand "Now Foods". It is one of the largest wholesale companies in the USA to offer pure, Non-GMO, supplements, foods, body products, and oils. The prices are also much more affordable compared to other competitors when it comes to essential oils. Check out the blog: modernalternativemomma, Kate has some great info with NOW foods and it's comparison's to DoTerra and Young Living. She explain's the reason why NOW Food essential oils are lower priced and how they even compare on purity and benefits. Here is one of her price diagrams:

       So with all that information, let me show you some of our favorites for the cough and cold season. The easiest available recommendation is their all ready to go "Seasonal Changes" essential oil kit! It comes with four 1/3oz. bottles: Tea Tree, Nature's Shield, Clear the Air, and Eucalyptus. It is only $22.99 for the whole kit!
       The Tea Tree oil contains antiviral, antiseptic, and antimicrobial properties. It's good for soothing throats, relieving congestion, and rough coughs. You can add it to your diffuser to help disinfect the air or you can dilute a few drops in a carrier oil and rub it on your sinus areas and throat/neck to help soothe cold symptoms.

       Nature's Shield is spin off version of the old popular Thieves Vinegar. It is composed of Clove Bud, Lemon, Cinnamon Bark, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary oils. It's best used in a diffuser to help cleanse the air of impurities. This would be great to use as a precautionary measure to ward of any germs that are lingering in a home.
       Clear the Air is a blend of Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Hyssop, and Rosemary oil. Add this blend to any diffuser or add a few drops with water into a spray water bottle to help purify and cleanse the air in a room or surface area. It has antibacterial properties.

       Eucalyptus oil is what you most likely would find in most OTC chest rubs. It is perfect for relieving nose congestion and soothing those chest driven coughs. You can add Eucalyptus oil to your diffuser, hot bath or even a vaporizer. Inhaling this oil helps to clear your sinuses. You may also dilute the oil in a carrier oil to rub on your chest to help relieve those deep coughs.

Each of the oils can be purchased separately.
Tea Tree 1oz.- $8.99
Nature's Shield 1oz.- $19.99
Clear the Air 1oz.- $12.99
Eucalyptus 1oz.- $5.99

Another two essential oils that I'd recommend for colds are Frankincense and Oregano.
       Frankincense has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, and expectorant properties. It is great for cold or flu symptoms. You can add a few drops to your hot bath/shower or diffuser to help relieve aches and pains or to act as a decongestant. You can also microwave a damp cloth to warm it up, add a few drops of frankincense and use that as soothing hot compress for headaches or congestion.

       Oregano is a powerful antiviral and antimicrobial oil. Add it to your diffuser to inhale it or dilute a few drops into a massage carrier oil to rub onto your skin or feet. This will help reduces cough and cold symptoms.

You can find the these oils on our website for these prices:
Frankincense 1oz- $24.99
Oregano 1oz- $16.99

As always seek medical attention if you are having severe symptoms. Non of these listed are FDA approved, use caution and wisdom whenever trying a new product or supplement. When in doubt, contact your doctor. It is our hope though that these oils may help assist and relieve any cold or flu symptoms you may develop! 

Have a Healthy and Blessed Day!
The Patchouli Garden Team 


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