Our 2018 Fall Season Picks!

Here in Wisconsin, the temperature is starting to drop, the leaves are beginning to change and the days are becoming shorter. It's definitely getting us into that Autumn mood. So for this blog post, we thought we could share with you our collective favorites for the 2018 Fall Season!

First up for our bath & body products, we have to choose our favorite brand new fragrance: Warm Patchouli Spice! This fragrance is so warm and yummy! We carry this in lotion, shower gel, body spray, and perfume roll-on!

With the temperatures dropping and the damp days accumulating, we thought our next pick would be great to help you ward off any viruses and illnesses that come with the change of weather! So we picked, two NOW essential oils: Nature's Shield and Clear the Air.

Nature's Shield consists of clove bud oil, organic lemon oil, cinnamon bark oil, eucalyptus oil, and organic rosemary. It's an uplifting and energizing aroma that freshens and cleanses the air.
Clear the Air consists of peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, hyssop oil, and rosemary oil. This blend purifies, cleanses, and refreshes the air.

In our Soy Candles, we couldn't decide on one fall favorite so we have two!! Our first one is Spiced Cranberry! It's name does it justice and it definitely will remind you of sitting around the table eating cranberry sauce.

Then our 2nd pick is Grandma's Pantry! It smells like home baked sweet goodness. Perfect for the fall season!

In our Pillar candles, we have to pick our Warm Patchouli Spice again! This fragrance is just too perfect for Fall to not showcase it! We carry this in a large pillar, small pillar, and wax melts!

For incense, we have 3 picks for fall. Patchouli Clove is a favorite! It burns with that nice earthly patchouli scent but has the sweet spicy lingering scent of clove.

Then we have 2 new incenses available: these will only come individually at 20 cents a stick.
They are cinnamon and spiced cranberry! These two are new and will be featured on our website with-in the week.

For our handmade soaps, we really like Patchouli Peppermint. It's a real fresh scented soap but still has the earthly patchouli mixed in.

Then lastly we liked to showcase our Celtic jewelry collection for fall. We offer a few different styles. They are sterling silver plated and hypo allergenic. They are first come first serve, as well as on sale!

So there you have it! Our favorites for this fall season! If you have any questions on any of the products mentioned, please feel free to contact us! Go to our Contact section on this blog to find the best contact method for you. We'd love to hear from you! 
Happy Fall and Many Blessings to you!

The Patchouli Garden Team


  1. I can never say enough good about this company. I have ordered for years from them. 1st, your package arrives quickly & packed extremely well. If you ask a question, customer service responds quickly. The products are top notch...pure oils that don't get rancid over time. In FL, we have had a 500% increase in bed bug issues & we got hit. Patchouli is a natural repellent. It has been a God send! The small bottle is great to put drops in laundry ; the large spray works great for spraying on beds & other furniture. No bites since we found this out. Please trust these folks to treat you well & deliver a very high quality product.

    1. This is absolutely wonderful! I'm so happy you are able to use our products in this way! We love hearing stories like this! Thank you for your comment! We appreciate all our customers! :)

  2. Please begin to input tumeric and CBD Oil into body oils.


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