Just Layer It!

As many of you know, at Patchouli Garden, we offer over 35 scent options in perfume roll-ons and over 25 scent options in body sprays! Wow! :) However, we still get inquiries from customers on how they can create their own signature scents, or how they can make a certain fragrance in our perfume blends more dominant.
We have an easy solution to that... Layer it!

We offer many blends of Patchouli like Patchouli Clove, Patchouli Lavender, and Patchouli Sandalwood. We try to offer a good balance of each fragrance in our blends, but for those who like to have one scent a little more dominant then the others, the easiest solution is to layer that specific fragrance with our already made perfume blends.

For our Patchouli lovers who like a strong patchouli scent with their blends, use our Patchouli roll-on or body spray first as a base scent, then layer your favorite blend by spraying it or rolling it on top.
Good example of that is: our new scent Warm Patchouli Spice, has more of a subtle patchouli scent so if you layer the Patchouli spray or roll-on with the Warm Patchouli Spice spray or roll-on, you still have the enticing warm spicy scents but with a little bit stronger patchouli fragrance as well!

Another good scent that makes a great base scent is our original Sandalwood! You can layer this scent with many of our other scents or blends as well! An example of this would be to layer Sandalwood with the Vanilla Sandalwood. This would create a stronger Sandalwood scent with the Vanilla taking more of a subtle role in the fragrance.

Other good base scents are Jasmine, Nag Champa, and Egyptian Musk. By layering these fragrances with any of our pre-made perfume blends make your perfume possibilities endless!

We encourage you to play around with our perfumes!
Experiment layering these fragrances for yourself and let us know what you come up with!
If you already have one of our blends at home and are wanting to change it up a little, try buying one the bases mentioned in this post.  Layering that base with your blend may be just the right amount of change you are wishing for in your perfume!

As always, thank you all so much for your feedback and inquires! We always strive to offer the best products here at Patchouli Garden! We appreciate our customers so much!

With Love,
The Patchouli Garden Team


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