Monday, February 15, 2016

Do You Miss the Nag Champa Incense? 3 Other Forms of Nag Champa

Incense can have a positive effect on one’s mood. The vibrant scents of Nag Champa, a fragrance originally developed in India, has been especially popular among incense lovers for years. However, if you once burned incense but can’t anymore — perhaps due to restrictions at your new rental or living with a loved one who has allergies — you don’t have to put the relaxation and refreshment you experienced with Nag Champa behind you. Enjoy the bold scent in other forms.
Perfume or Body Spray
Nag Champa perfume and body spray enriches you and allows you to take that bold scent with you wherever you go. Whether putting on perfume for a night out on the town or freshening with body spray for a day at work or running errands, you’ll feel more confident because you’ll love the scent. Perfume is more concentrated than body spray, but body spray is more appropriate for everyday wear.
Freshen up with Nag Champa soap during a luxurious soak in a bath, a quick, freshening morning or post-workout shower, or when washing your hands throughout the day. The scent permeates the air as you wash and lingers just enough to keep you relaxed after you walk away.
Whereas incense gives off a lot of smoke, candles allow you to breathe that invigorating scent with little to no smoke at all. Use one at a table for a romantic candlelight dinner or on the counter to freshen a room after you clean it. Take a bath with candles throughout the room and let yourself unwind.

Order your selection of Nag Champa products online today. If you need assistance in selecting any Nag Champa items, contact Patchouli Garden. Even the incense may not be beyond your reach. Consider burning it outside on a warm summer day.

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