Our CBD oils: Answers to the most common questions we get asked.

With the rise of information and the new legality of it, CBD oil is more popular then ever! Every week, we have more and more people coming into our shop with questions and general interest. As an employee here, it is so satisfactory to see and hear the success stories that our customers are having with our CBD products.
I heard a story of an individual who was suffering from edema and hadn't been able to wear her wedding ring for years and after a few weeks using the 100mg Turmeric CBD oil, she finally can wear her ring again!
I heard a man tell me of his many years of not being able to sleep a full night, he finally can after he takes his 500mg Platinum CBD oil before bedtime.
Another story of a woman suffering from arthritis pain, finally having daily relief after she uses the Cannabis Heat Rub Cream.
All these stories and more, inspired me to write this blog post. Many out there, are still unfamiliar with CBD oil and all of it's benefits. So I thought I'd share with you our specific products, and how they are best used, and what they can benefit. *Before we start though, as a disclaimer, CBD oils have not been evaluated by the FDA. This Product and this blog post is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Please consult your doctor for any medical concerns.*
Also many people ask if you can get "high" off of any of CBD oils. No, you can not. The legal limit in Wisconsin of THC (the psychoactive compound in Cannabis) allowed is 0.3% in any CBD product. In our CBD oils, the most THC we have is in our Platinum Full Spectrum 500mg CBD oil and that is only 0.003% THC. So our oils are well below even the legal limit of THC.

First lets talk about our 100mg Organic CBD oil. This oil is a good "starter". Many of those who are unfamiliar with CBD oil and just want to test it out, start out with this oil. This oil is ingested. It comes with a dropper that lets you add drops under your tongue. You let the drops sit for about 30 seconds before you swallow.
Lets talk numbers: In this bottle: there is 100mg of Hemp oil. The recommended start dosage is 3 drops. In those 3 drops you are getting 2.1mg of CBD.
Some get confused here.. I always get the question: "the bottle stats it's a 100mg of hemp oil.. so why is it just 2.1mg of CBD? Shouldn't it be 100 mg?"
The CBD is not the Hemp oil. I like to compare it to Orange juice and Vitamin C. The hemp oil is like the Orange Juice in this metaphor and the CBD is the Vitamin C.
CBD is the medical component/benefit in hemp oil.
So the 2.1 mg of CBD is the lowest dosage we would recommend. This would be good, if you are dealing with mild aches and pains, mild anxiety, and just wanting some general health wellness or a boost in mental health.
You can increase the number of drops you take if you are needed something a little stronger. So if you double your drops to 6.. you will then be getting 4.2mg of CBD.

The next product is our 100mg Organic CBD oil with Turmeric. This product has all the benefits of the last CBD oil I discussed, but with the added benefit of Turmeric. You've probably heard of Turmeric before, it is a spice many have in their cupboards. But did you know that Turmeric has great health properties? Turmeric is a natural Anti-Inflammatory and it doesn't have any bad side effects that other Anti-Inflammatory or NSAIDs do. The dosage is the same as the previous oil: 3 drops under your tongue. In those 3 drops you are getting 2.1 mg of CBD and 5mg of Turmeric. This product also has a Black Pepper additive which is essential in aiding your bodies proper absorption of the Turmeric.
This product is best used for aches and pains, inflammation, arthritis, edema and for a combination of said ailments.
The only warning on this product is that if you are taking blood thinners, then this CBD oil is not recommended. The turmeric also can thin your blood so taking this with other blood thinners could be dangerous.

Our next CBD oil is our Platinum Full Spectrum 500mg CBD oil. This oil is the stronger oil of the three. You ingest it the same, 3 drops under your tongue, but this one is about 3 times stronger. In every 3 drops you are getting 5.22 mg of CBD.  This oil is also Full Spectrum, which means it's made from the full plant (stems,leaves, and seeds) where as the other oils are just made from the seeds. The benefits of Full Spectrum CBD is the Terpenes! Terpenes are natural compounds that direct the CBD where to go. So if you are suffering from an isolated pain, the terpenes are the drivers that get the CBD to wear it needs to localize in your body for faster relief.
This product is best used for those suffering with severe anxiety/depression, insomnia, pain, arthritis, severe tremors, and other medical conditions that cause constant pain or irritability.
This oil is not on our website at the moment, but if you are interested in this please just give our store a call, we can easily place a phone order for you.

All of these oils, can benefit you in many other ways. The medical field is just now heavily researching all of it's benefits. I always recommend for our customers to not be afraid to try a stronger dosage if you aren't seeing a quick result. And if you are seeing a quick result then maybe experiment taking a little less. CBD oil does build in your system so most see the best results after 2 weeks of consistent daily intake. CBD oil is not a drug, it is a health supplement. So if you are unsure about anything, or are taking other medications please talk to your doctor. You'd be surprised at how many doctors are actually getting familiar with CBD oil and how many doctors are willing to discuss it.

Lastly, I'd like to share with you about our Cannabis Heat Rub Cream. This cream, I've heard a customer call it "The Holy Grail of Creams!" :) This is an item many have had great success using. It's is a cream that ingredients include: CBD oil, Arnica, Emu Oil, Camphor Essential Oil, and Menthol. You rub this on any spot that many be causing you pain.
Many with arthritis have had successful relief using this cream. It's also good for back pain relief, joint relief, and migraines. I personally use this for migraines, it helps take the edge off.
This cream is great to use in combination with any of the oils as well. Especially if you are using the oils for pain or inflammation. The oils work internally while the cream does the topical relief.

All of these products can be found and ordered on our sister website: www.pricecountycbd.com
Some have wondered why we have a separate site for our cbd products. We do that because of the ever changing laws in this country when it comes to cannabis products. Also, some popular search engines and websites ban words such as cannabis or CBD from being viewed or used. So we thought it best to ensure that the other non-CBD products we create and sell would be protected and separate from any complications that might arise from those issues. Because of this change, we offer FREE SHIPPING on all CBD products. We want to make sure our customers know we appreciate their business and their grace as we maneuver around some of these website complications.

I hope this blog has helped answer any questions you may have had about our CBD products.
If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to call or send us an email. We love being able to help as much as possible when it comes to our CBD products.  Also if you have a success story and would like to share it, we would love to hear it and possibly add it to our website! Thank you to all that have already shared your stories with us!

Blessing to you!


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